What is Blockcred? What


BlockCred is a revolutionary Blockchain protocol focused on creating a leading digital credential delivery, offering exceptional power and scalability to academic certifications, corporate compliances, awarding bodies, supply chain management, IoT, and professional associations who seek to transform their recognition, certifications or credentials to the new era of the Blockchain

Blockcred is all about the 5 ABLEs. Available, deliverable, verifiable, shareable and immutable.

In the academic certifications Field (for example), BlockCred’s digital credentials allow individuals to share their achievements and prove their credibility, organizations to help their students get hired, and for employers to find the right person for the job.

BlockCred comes from “Blockchain” and “Credentials” Our target is to host the world’s credentials on top of Blockchain and in the process become the world’s first truly verifiable and immutable repository of human capital


With the six layers protocol, the ecosystem of Blockcred provides the building blocks for our Blockchain. The different layers interact with each other to form the public, minable and distributed ledger with the real meaning of the Blockchain powered by Blockcred token XBC.

Our API layer gives the power for every business model to build his own application on top of our Blockchain and using our token (XBC) as a gas for his critical transactions, on top of this, everyone is free to run a full node and earn from mining the transactions, and reuse the rewarded XBC to issue or verify any certificate.

Samples of business models that are in a need of Blockcred Who

Supply Chain Management

From recording the quantity and transfer of assets – such as pallets, trailers, or containers, etc. – as they move between supply chain nodes, up to tracking purchase orders, change orders, receipts, shipment notifications, or other trade-related documents. All these critical transactions are in a bad need to be recorded in a Blockchain ledger.

Acadimic Certificates

Academic certificates can be easily issued and verified using the Blockcred. Educational authorities can issue a certificate and give the user a receipt which they can share with any third party to prove the authenticity of the certificate. When the third party receives this receipt, they can easily check its authenticity on the Blockcred Blockchain.

IoT with Blockcred

Some IoT applications are facing a trust problem, Blockchain revolution will solve it easily, storing the digital certificates for your smart home applications can be a nightmare if you imagine that these digital certificates are stored on a central server that can be accessed and attacked easily. Now, Blockcred will solve this issue and let you feel safe.

Land Ownership

For any high-value property (such as real estate, cars, or artwork) it is essential to have accurate records which can identify the owner, currently, people have to rely on a trusted third party. For example, a government agency might be responsible for keeping track of ownership information. Sometimes, these records are not preserved systematically. Blockcred will solve this.

Acadimic certificates case study How

01. The issuer invites the holder to apply for the course’s credential through the store.

02. The holder accepts the invitation and applies to achieve the certificate by sending his public key to the issuer.

03. The issuer hashes the credential onto our Blockchain and signs the transaction by his private key.

04. The issuer sends the credential verification link to the holder.

05. The holder gets the digital credential and stores it in his wallet.

06. The holder sends credential to a verifier (employer) to verify his skills.

07. The verifier checks the Blockchain to verify credential info.

08. The holder can invite the employer to verify his career history by sending his public key to him.

Identity philosophy in BlockCred Philosophy

Who are you? And who decides you’re really you and can be trusted? The answer, and the systems involved, differs in the real world and online. But BlockCred technology could make establishing identity and trust much easier for everyone. Here’s how.



When you create your BlockCred Wallet, a unique master seed is created. This master seed is the nucleus of your specific wallet and is used to derive every individual credential address that you'll use to send or request a credential.


We do not store your private key, we don't have the rights to act on behalf of you, and you are the one who controls his identity. We only provide you with the platform you need to store them yourself. Your wallet is encrypted on your device with your personal password. Your password acts as your decryption key to both lock and unlock your wallet — your wallet can’t be accessed without it. Because we don’t know or store your password (we can’t even reset it), only you are able to unlock and decrypt your wallet.


Why BlockCred is so important? Why

For issuer …

Transferring your digital certificates on a Blockchain will empower your business model to a further level. NOW, your credentials are verifiable, immutable, and secured by the power of the Blockchain. Being on the Blockcred Blockchain will increase the trust level for your business up to 100% with lower cost and effective issuing process.

For holder …

We put the holder front and center, Blockcred wallet is where holders collect, store, and work with the credentials they earn. We believe that when you make credentials on blockchain, it can improve the holder’s ability to share what they know and how well they know it with verifiers, not only this but also, the holder can earn money from the verification process for his credentials.


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